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    Getting out of the home for an all day training can be near impossible for the majority. That is why we have created an online expert training experience that is finished in 1 hour or less!

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2 Year Certification

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Course Content:

(Quizes included to test your knowledge)

  • 1

    Introduction to First Aid

    • Welcome to Your Course (Start Here)

    • Chain of Survival

    • Good Samaritan Laws

    • Positioning the Victim

  • 2

    Emergency Situations

    • Shock

    • Shortness of Breath

    • Stroke Recognition

    • Quiz

    • Chest Pain/Heart Attack

    • Allergic Reactions

    • Seizure

    • Quiz

    • Hypoglycemia

    • Syncope

    • Chemical Related Eye Injury

    • Poisoning

    • Quiz

  • 3

    Trauma Emergencies

    • Bleeding Control

    • Superficial & Chest Wounds

    • Concussion

    • Muscle & Bone Trauma

    • Quiz

    • Thermal Burns

    • Electric Shock

    • Bites

    • Tooth Injury

    • Quiz

  • 4

    Temperature Related Emergencies

    • Heat Related Emergencies

    • Cold Related Emergencies

    • Dehydration

    • Quiz

  • 5

    Before you go!

    • Before you go!

Skills you'll learn

Interactive Videos, Quizzes, and Expert Teaching

  • Recognize & Assess

    How to recognize and assess injuries and illnesses properly

  • Providing Proper Care

    How to provide care through using accurate knowledge, skills, and behaviors

  • Getting Help

    Recognizing when you need help beyond yourself and seeking professional care

Meet Your Instructor

Brandon Doerksen Co-Founder of Thrive Training

I am excited to take you through these First Aid skills following the leading guidelines in the nation. Join along with these interactive teachings led by me as your instructor.

Guidelines We Adhere To:

From the leading organizations in Emergency Cardiovascular Care.

Money back Guarantee

If your employer doesn't accept our e-certifcate you will receive a full refund within thirty days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find your answer? Email us and we are happy to help.

  • How long does each course take to go through?

    On average each course will take 30-45min to complete.

  • How will I receive my certification?

    Upon completion of the course your PDF downloadable certification card will be emailed to you.

  • How long does my certification last?

    Your downloadable certification is valid for two years. At that point you could renew here with us again.

  • What happens if I fail a quiz?

    No worries! You can retry as much as needed until you learn the answer.

  • How long do I have access to the videos?

    Depending on which option you choose you will have 2 year access or lifetime access.

  • Is online training an approved way to earn a certification?

    Yes, training online is not only an approved way of getting certified but it also saves you time. Our clients ranges from nurses, dentists, physicians, teachers, trainers, chiropractors, foster parents, industrial workers, and everyday parents. You are responsible to ask your employer if they accept online certifications.

  • Are your certificates approved by my employer or state?

    Our certification and courses follow the guidelines of the American Heart Association and ECC/ILCOR. However, it remains your responsibility to ask your employer if they approve of online training.

  • What are my payment options?

    Our automated system is through Paypal purchase protection anti-fraud technology coverage for consumers and businesses. Allowing our customers the protection of Paypal gives us and our customers the assurance of 100% satisfaction. You don't need to make a Paypal account to pay with a debit or credit card.

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From the Founders

Brandon, Caitlyn, Selah & Gemma

As parents of two young girls we are on a mission to bring science backed, time efficient, and cost effective health and safety training to 1,000,000 homes. Your confidence and well being is our goal. We are honored to have you as part of the family. 

Brandon & Caitlyn Doerksen 

Thrive Training Institute Co-founders