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2 Year Certification

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Course Content:

(Quizes included to test your knowledge)

    1. Welcome to Your Course (Start Here)

    2. Chain of Survival

    3. Good Samaritan Laws

    4. Positioning the Victim

    1. Shock

    2. Shortness of Breath

    3. Stroke Recognition

    4. Quiz

    5. Chest Pain/Heart Attack

    6. Allergic Reactions

    7. Seizure

    8. Quiz

    9. Hypoglycemia

    10. Syncope

    11. Chemical Related Eye Injury

    12. Poisoning

    13. Quiz

    1. Bleeding Control

    2. Superficial & Chest Wounds

    3. Concussion

    4. Muscle & Bone Trauma

    5. Quiz

    6. Thermal Burns

    7. Electric Shock

    8. Bites

    9. Tooth Injury

    10. Quiz

    1. Heat Related Emergencies

    2. Cold Related Emergencies

    3. Dehydration

    4. Quiz

    1. Before you go!

About this course

  • $24.99
  • 32 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

Skills you'll learn

Interactive Videos, Quizzes, and Expert Teaching

  • Recognize & Assess

    How to recognize and assess injuries and illnesses properly

  • Providing Proper Care

    How to provide care through using accurate knowledge, skills, and behaviors

  • Getting Help

    Recognizing when you need help beyond yourself and seeking professional care

Meet Your Instructor

Brandon Doerksen Co-Founder of Thrive Training

I am excited to take you through these First Aid skills following the leading guidelines in the nation. Join along with these interactive teachings led by me as your instructor.

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Brandon & Caitlyn Doerksen 

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