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Choking is often our most significant concern as a parent. And for a good reason, none of us like feeling powerless, out of control, and unable to help our kids.

I wish I could tell you that choking intervention is the only child safety skill you need as a parent; unfortunately, that's not the case.

At times, it can feel like an endless amount of things we have to learn as parents to keep our little ones safe.

Just a few short years ago, I was right in your position.

I worked full-time with a newborn needing my protection and care at every step of their development.

Having the child safety knowledge I have now has played a crucial role in how I raise my kids and the confidence I experience as a parent.

Sometimes in life, we find shortcuts or "hacks."

For thousands of parents like you, that shortcut was finding our online child safety training courses built exclusively for busy families.

I want to introduce to you the straightforward, easy-to-follow, self-paced learning experience to complete your child-safety knowledge as a parent and have massive confidence to face medical emergencies.

What you're gonna get:

Signature Parent-CPR Training Course

Essential First Aid Training Course

Drowning Prevention Training Course

The Childproof Home Training Course

12 months of "Ask your Instructor"

Add Unlimited Caregivers

Exclusive Bonuses

Confidence as a parent...

“What a resource! Thank you for a quick and simple training on something so daunting. The downloads and printables are SO appreciated.” Katherine R.

“I have taken a few CPR classes before, and each was long-winded and more confusing than necessary. Thrive gets right to the point while informing you how to be successful at CPR, using an AED, instructing those around you in crisis, and helping choking or drowning persons Heather D.

We could charge $997 for this training bundle. 

We could even charge $297... 

The reality for most parents...

If you were to attend an in-person CPR training. 

“Everyone should take this course but especially every parent. So educational and I feel more confident as a parent in keeping my kids safe. It’s so worth knowing this than regretting and wishing you would have known this.”  Stevie H

“As a mom of two, this course was a great learning experience in case the need arises. Everyone should know how to keep someone in need! Thank you!Donna L

Right now, on our website, you can enroll in this training bundle (without the bonuses) for $97.

Because you have already proven to me that you are the type of parent that takes action to learn new things, I want to offer this training bundle to you at an exclusive discount you can't find anywhere else.

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“Peace of mind: “I’ve read way too many stories of drowning and other emergency situations where CPR could have, or DID, save someone's life. I'm so thankful for this course, how clear and concise it was, and the peace of mind it's given me as a mom who wants to do the best for her kids and community. “  Lynelle L

“I’m so happy that I took the time to take this course. I learned a lot and now feel so much more confident in my ability to help my family or someone in need. “ Amanda J

Enroll today and be empowered to prevent and respond to medical emergencies.

If you sign up and go through the training courses and don't feel confident to face emergencies, we have a complete 30-day money-back guarantee. There is no risk in signing up. 

After taking our CPR training, listen to Christie's story about how she rescued her daughter when she choked on a strawberry. 

"I'm really happy I found this course. It's extremely easy to navigate, very well put together, and easy to understand. I'm referring all the parents and people with children in their lives to this course. "Pamela R 

"This is honestly better than some in-person trainings I have done! I love that I can access these videos anytime. It is helpful for me to brush up on this every few months. Videos are clear and easy to follow, without feeling overwhelming." Lauren C