Learn how to childproof your home room by room WITHOUT needing to read another blog

Walkthrough video training, safety checklist for each room, resource guide, recall & registration bonus, downloadable guide for each room, and email Q&A support!


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Safety Checklists for Each Room

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Downloadable Guides for Each Room

Is Your Home Childproof?

Unintentional Injuries are a leading cause of death. You can prevent this in your home today.

Course Content:


    1. Welcome to your Child Proof Home Training

    1. The Child Proof Kitchen

    1. The Child Proof Living Room

    1. The Child Proof Kids Room

    1. The Child Proof Laundry & Bathroom

    1. Child Proof your Overall House

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Brandon Doerksen

Certified CPR Instructor

Brandon Doerksen is the CEO & Co-founder of Thrive Training Institute. As a certified CPR Instructor, he has a passion to help families and lay responders learn CPR Online. He will teach you how to properly respond to choking emergencies.